Jewish Self-Negation and Jewish Social Justice

This article was written by George Stevens, who is the Rakaz (logistical coordinator) of Workshop, the HNDA gap year program, and also leads our garin as our madrich. We also want to acknowledge that we post a variety of different viewpoints and experiences in the Tnuat HaBogrim, and that these views do not necessarily represent our … Continue reading Jewish Self-Negation and Jewish Social Justice

A letter for the NOAL mishlachat to HDNA

This piece was written for a delegation (mishlachat) from HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed who visited North America for a 10 day intensive seminar about Habonim Dror North America. They visited New York City, Philadelphia and Machaneh Galil, Washington D.C. and Machaneh Moshava, and Vancouver. Through the course of the seminar, they met with ma’apilimot (college-aged movement members), … Continue reading A letter for the NOAL mishlachat to HDNA

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Although this holiday is not celebrated at all here, we managed to find a way to bring this part of our American heritage to Israel. Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday - it brings together family and has amazing cuisine, but commemorates the official start of the colonial conquest of America. This Thanksgiving … Continue reading Giving thanks!

Giving thanks!