Aliyah Benefits

All new immigrants (olim) receive benefits for moving to Israel. In case you are curious, here are a list of the benefits new olim receive in compensation for moving to Israel.


Aliyah Benefits

One-way flight ticket to Israel + additional accompanying luggage (2-3 bags).

Free Transportation from the airport to first address in Israel. At the airport you will receive a coupon for a ride which you will take out to the cab.

Sal Klita (absorption basket) – financial assistance for 7 months, intended to assist during the first year of absorption. Financial assistance provided by Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption). You will receive an initial cash payment at Ben Gurion Airport, followed by seven installments which will be deposited into your bank account during the first seven months following your Aliyah (Olim must provide bank account details to Misrad Haklita before they can receive the second payment).

Singles receive approximately 17,820 NIS. Paid out over the first six months after Aliyah, between the 1st and 15th of each month. If an Oleh leaves Israel during the first six months (regardless of reason), payments are stopped. The payments can easily be restarted by visiting Misrad Haklita. If an Oleh returns to Israel 13 months or more after Aliyah, payments are discontinued.

This assistance is granted only to those who spent less than 18 months in Israel (consecutive or cumulative) during the three years prior to making Aliyah; or no longer than three years in Israel, during the seven years prior to making Aliyah. For a Katin Chozer this assistance is granted only to those who have spent less than one year in Israel prior to Aliyah.

In your 2nd, 3rd and 4th year after Aliyah an oleh receives 223 NIS/month. In the 5th year, the subsidy will be 89 NIS/month.

Arnona Discounts– All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona (property tax), whether you are renting or own your own property. Olim are customarily granted a discount of 70 – 90% (for up to 100 sqm.) on Arnona payments. Available for Olim to use during one of the first two years after Aliyah, for one 12-month period.

Health Care– all olim are entitled to full health care coverage. Those who are not working receive it for free for 12 months. For those who are working, the amount will be deducted from your salary. You can also upgrade to a premium health care plan for a monthly fee (recommended).

Ulpan– All olim are entitled to five month free ulpan, to be started within 18 months of aliyah

Customs– Olim are allowed to bring appliances and household goods from ANY COUNTRY tax-free. (this has the potential to be a complicated and annoying process. you may need to make several trips to the customs office and you may end needing to pay storage fees or extra shipping fees)

In addition, Olim are eligible to purchase Israeli-made appliances tax free in Israel. The only Israeli manufactured appliances on the market are refrigerators and air conditioners. Olim can import appliances tax-free for up to three years after Aliyah, and may bring up to three shipments of imported goods. Olim have up to three years to purchase an Israeli-manufactured air conditioner tax-free and four years to purchase an Israeli-manufactured refrigerator.

Custom Benefits for a Car– Olim pay a reduced tax rate on the purchase of a new car in Israel or the import of a car from abroad. In order to be eligible for the tax reduction, Olim must hold a valid foreign driver’s license that was issued at least three months prior to the date of Aliyah. A valid Israeli driver’s license is also required. The benefit is valid only for a new car or “Passport to Passport” purchase. Importing a car is a detailed process that should only be pursued following thorough research regarding the costs and benefits.  Available up to 3 years after Aliyah.