Joining HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed!

This post is originally an email update sent to the HDNA list serv about our entry as olim from Habonim Dror into messimah in NOAL (HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed). 

We want this blog to be accessible to all; if there is a term or concept that you don’t understand, please leave a comment and we will explain. Check out Movement 101 for in depth definitions of all terms.

We just got back from a seminar at Kibbutz Ravid  that was historic and has never happened before. It was a seminar on entering into messimah in NOAL run specifically for olimot of Habonim Dror (kvutzot Techina and Silan). This is a seminar that is regularly run for shchavot getting out of the army and going into messimah in the youth movement. In the recent past, people from HD have started going into messimot in NOAL. Now, we as a kvutzah are choosing to lead chanichimot in NOAL, alongside our partners in Techina. Not just a few of us, all of us. It’s crazy and overwhelming and so so exciting!

Here’s a brief overview of our new messimot! Emma and Peacock are joining a tzevet to found 2-3 new kenim in Haifa. Gabe and Jarred, and Sam and Caden, will be founding new kenim in the North – in Migdal HaEmek and Ma’alot, respectively. They are all part of something called Machoz B’Tzmicha, which is a part of the movement dedicated to founding new kenim – this means recruiting tons of kids and inviting them to something that doesn’t currently exist! A good crew of us will be in the Mechadshim, the sector of the youth movement for working youth. Shula and Ziv have been in messimah in Snif (branch) Afula, and Max and Ellie will be joining Snif Nahariya. And Lily will be joining Ken Kiryat Yam with Rapha, who also leads Kvutzat Sha’al on Workshop 66! Peacock and Adi will be joining Tzevet Yud Bet, which means they will be leading current 12th graders through their Chava process next year (Chava is a NOAL’s year of intensive kvutsati living and messimah – kinda like Workshop!). Jarred, Caden, Ellie, Rapha, and Adi are just a few of our Australian partners from Techina.

One thing that we talked a lot about at the seminar and that we want to express to you, is that it’s not necessarily obvious for us to be joining Dror Israel and NOAL in the way that we are. The reality of the Tnuat HaBogrim has changed really drastically within the past 5 years. What your/our shlav bet madrichimot faced when they made aliyah is not the same as what we are facing and what future garinim will face. Instead of living in a fairly isolated English-speaking bubble and mainly doing messimot in the Habonim Dror sphere (running Shnat and MBI), we and our madrichim have demanded of ourselves to fully enter the movement from the moment we arrive. This means becoming a part of our shichvah in Dror Israel and doing messimah in NOAL. As olimot, we also know that we need to keep taking on responsibility over Habonim via Workshop and Shlav Bet. This shift has happened for a number of reasons, but the main thing is that it means that Habonim Dror and Dror Israel/NOAL are continuing to move into closer and deeper partnership (which is cool cause it’s also what we voted on at HDNA Veida last year)!

All of this means that we will be facing challenges that we and our madrichimot could never have expected. We are going to be (and already have been) thrown into lots of freaky situations where we’re expected to lead and be full partners in a movement we didn’t grow up in, and we’re being demanded of to learn Hebrew quickly and intensely. But we also know that joining this movement will give our lives structure, meaning and direction. It makes it much clearer what we are doing here, and gives us a real path to encounter, struggle with and shape Israeli society. We want to bring our experiences in Habonim and our dreams for our lives here to this movement, and to also let this movement shape us and give us new dreams. We want to invite chanichim from both NOAL and Habonim Dror to join us in this amazing and crazy journey!

It’s important to say that our ability to even attempt this is due to the courage of the previous generations of olimot to carve out this space for us and lead us in this direction. Olimot have taken on central roles in NOAL, as madrichimot and rakazot of kenim and machozot (regions encompassing many kenim/snifim), and their experiences will affect ours. The Workshoppers are also a huge inspiration and dugma for us in how they’ve jumped into NOAL messimah, built new partnerships, and supported each other as garinim.

Anyway, all we’re tryna say is that we went to an amazing seminar, got cool new chultzot and are very excited about these massive changes in our lives and in the movement/s! If you wanna read more beautiful and inspiring words, check out the full text (English and Hebrew) of a speech from the closing tekkes  at the seminar.

Avodah, haganah v’ shalom and all our love! Alu v’hagshimu!

Us and our madrichim Leah and George at Kibbutz Ravid!


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